Women at the Heart



This is an exhibition about of women with heart, women who embrace  courage, endurance, resilience and resourcefulness, companionship and compassion. 

Here you can explore stories of women from Central Australia and discover their friendships, joys and hardships they endured.

Life in Central Australia can be a tough, isolated existence. For many women, confined by gender roles of their era, the challenges were enormous. 

Bringing up children, trying to cook nutritious meals, and running households thousands of kilometres from family and friends meant these women had to make the most of what was available to them. 

These are stories of resourceful, tenacious and resilient women pioneers who left their mark. 

Find out:

Who were they? Why did they come? How did they get here? How did they survive? 



A selection of  these pioneering women’s are told in an online audio exhibition,  collaboration between the museum and 783 ABC

You can listen to stories about:

  • Molly Clark, pastoralist, tourism pioneer and FOunder and Patron of the National Pioneeer Women’s Hall of Fame.as told by her granddaughter Meegan Sullivan in conversation with Dianna Newham (museum curator) and Alice Moldovan (783 ABC)
  • Tilly Johannsen, early outback settler in a conversation between Dianna Newham and Alice Moldovan
  • Tellka Williams, in conversation with Alice Moldovan (Part One and Part Two)
  • Marge Harris, as told by her son Roger Harris in conversation with Dianna Newham and Alice Moldovan (Part One and Part Two)
  • Bertha Strehlow, in a conversation with local writer Leni Shilton (Parts One, Two, Three and Four).