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Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives: First in their Field

Women at the Heart

Signature Quilt

  • ABBA, Reverend Hilda May

    Born 30/5/1918

    Also known as: Reverend Hilda May Abba, Hilda May Blackham

    First woman in Australia ordained as Theological Lecturer (Pitt Street Congregational Church, Sydney: 1951) In 1936, Hilda entered Homerton College, Cambridge, where she qualified as a…

  • ABLEY, Barbara

    First woman Mayor of Geelong City Council, the first in this Victoria Council’s preceding 134-year history (2002). Barbara Abley was elected in March 2001 to the Council of the City…

  • ADKINS, Shirley Elaine

    Born 18/3/1930

    Also known as: née Lee

    First woman President of the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia (1979-1984). First woman elected president of the Royal Federation of Aero Clubs of Australia (1990-1997). First woman…

  • ALEXANDER, Stephanie

    Born 13/11/1940

    Pioneering food writer, first woman to own and manage a world-class restaurant in Australia (Stephanie’s Restaurant: 1976-1997); initiated innovative primary school program, The…

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Aviatrix Tapestry


  • ABBERTON, Verna

    Written on the back of the drawing:  Devoted member, very good fundraiser.

  • BINET, Myrtle Lillias

    Also known as: née Hope

    Written on the back of the drawing:  Family woman and happy worker - husband in government service.

  • BLOOMFIELD, Lillian Myrtle

    Born 1916, Died 2005

    Also known as: née Kunoth, Lil, Lillian

    Daughter of Central Australia pioneers Harry and Caroline Kunoth of Oodnadatta.
    Pioneer of Central Australia.
    Pastoralist Loves Creek Station. Written on the back of the Chooks…

  • CARRUTH, Gladys

    Written on the back of the drawing:  Long-standing member devoted worker.

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