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Also known as: née Johnstone, Sister Lucy Garlick

Special Achievements:

Lucy Garlick was the first infant welfare sister to work with the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
1950s - She developed a body chart to help doctors diagnose the illnesses of patients living in in the Kimberleys, Western Australia.  This chart consisted of numbered torso parts.
In 1994 the chart was immortalised on the Australian $20 note together with portrait of John Flynn, founder of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
Lucy was made a Protector of Aborigines so she could visit and nurse Aboriginal people living in camps.

Additional Information:

Lucy Garlick served at Alfred Hospital, Royal Women's Hospital, Victorian Baby Health Centres Association, all in Melbourne, Victoria.
1942 - Joined the Army, serving in the Northern Territory and Lae, New Guinea.
1975 - Retired.
1981 - At age 71, began writing short stories, calling on experiences as a bush nurse.


  • Image - Lucy Garlick at nurses' training school

    Preliminary Training School, January 1936. Lucy Garlick is standing second from left.

    Image part of NPWHF collection

  • Image - Lucy Garlick with the ute that was her travelling infant welfare centre

    Source: "The Star", Tuesday November 8 1994, page 29

  • Document - "Local nurse honored on new $20 note"

    From "The Star", Tuesday November 8 1994, page 29

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  • Image - Royal Flying Doctor Service Body Chart

    Source: Royal Flying Doctor Service