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Also known as: née Earle

Born: 16/10/1874

Died: 16/03/1967

Special Achievements:

1921 - Founder of the Australian Federation of Women's Societies (later Voters)


  • References

    Nugent, Maria.  (2002).  Women’s Employment and Professionalism in Australia:  Histories, Themes and Places.  Canberra, ACT:  Australia Heritage Commission, p. 84.
    “The home of Bessie Rischbeith, an early feminist, involved in the formation of the WA Kindergarten Union and other campaigns.  It was later used for training kindergarten teachers.”

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  • Image - Bessie Rischbieth

    circa 1930

    Wikimedia Commons: File:Bessie Rischbieth.jpg

  • Image - Bessie Rischbieth

    Portrait of Bessie Rischbieth, 1938 [picture] Bib ID: 1183920 Inscription on plaque in case: Presented to Mrs Bessie Rischbieth, O.B.E., by the A.F.W.W. at their Sesqui-Centenary Conference, Sydney, February,1938.

    National Library of Australia